Product no.: N040113/72364

The best defenses for boats of small and medium sizes. Simple and elegant design. High gloss finish

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(Model: Ø 25 x 90CM, Color: White)

Sail solo or with crew as a beginner or experienced pattern, the bumper will prevent chills to reach the dock.

Model: Ø 25 x 90CM, Color: White
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Product no.: N040101/24733

Can equip 6 fenders (7Euros/fender). Sold in 5 metres, with 12 plastic holder clips. Made of polyamide.

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The defense is the most widely used performance in the world of pleasure craft. Manufactured from soft.

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Product no.: N040108/KITPANTALAN

Stainless steel screw, nut and washer set. Aisi 316 for dock defense

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