Product no.: N040501/10192

Folding aluminium ladder suitable for rigid inflatables and inflated tenders. Height : 810 mm. Width : 330 mm.

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Product no.: N051501/51558

Escalera de emergencia empotrable. Hombre al Agua. Permite a una persona subir abordo fácilmente sin ayuda exterior.

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Product no.: N040501/57036

316 ST. STEEL TELESCOPIC BOARDING LADDERS Fold-away. Under platform mounting.

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Product no.: N040504/B5003200

Folding boarding ladder - 4 steps. Synthetic rope ladder with plastic steps. Height between steps 260 mm.White

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Product no.: N051501/29008

Safety ladder - 4 Steps Designed to increase safety on board, this ladder comes in a canvas bag with 2 handles.

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