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Plastimo RED PILOT 150N WITH HARNESS (ISO 12402-3) For any use, from family cruising to race competición.

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Product no.: N050101/67362

Inflatable lifejacket Pilot Junior 150 Newton category, 120 Newton buoyancy. Fully automatic inflation with a 24 g CO2 cylinder.

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Plastimo RED PILOT 150N WITHOUT HARNESS (ISO 12402-3). Inflation system MANUAL. For any use.

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Product no.: N050101/40200

A complete re-arming kit suitable for the Plastimo Race 150N automatic lifejacket (Pilot 150 N, Pilot Pêche 150 N, Family 150 N & Optisafe 150 N)

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Product no.: N050101/50376

Re-arm packs include: a CO2 gas cylinder (60 gr for 275N), a hydrostatic release mechanism and an opener.

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Product no.: N050101/27780

Water Ski & Jet Ski LifeJackets Buoyancy aid 70 newtons. PVC foam mono extra-flexible block.

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Product no.: N050101/64950

Sprayhood provides added protection against waves and enhances visibility in survival conditions. 

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