Product no.: N051118/196482

Very compact lifebuoy, low power consumption. LED-type flashlight, operates with one R20 alcaline battery. 3

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Product no.: N050218/38158

Giove SOLAS. SOLAS-MED homologation 96/98. Int ext.60cm Ø Ø 40cm Weight 2.5 kg 12 cm thickness.

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Product no.: N050218/70090

Designed for pleasure and commercial usage, features an orange, rack hard, cross-linked polyethylene outer shell that will not deteriorate.

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Product no.: N050218/72077

Salvage kit contained in a gray box, comprising: One lifebuoy 70090, 1 Light ring 71325 and 30m buoyant lifeline, Ø 8 mm orange.

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