Product no.: N051201/64388

Portable horn driven by bas. Packaging: 200 ml. Protect the Ozone Layer. Powered by liquid gas by simple finger pressure.

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Product no.: N050418/16206

Black cone. Indicates use of motor on a sailing boat. Folds flat. Dimensions when folded: 35 x24 cm

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Product no.: N051218/16183

You only need to blow, no electrical power required. Plastic fog horn. Nylon very resilient. Length: 30 cm.

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Product no.: N051201/27180

The Trump associates the power of an electric compressor horn with the simplicity of a normal speaker.

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Product no.: N050401/27177

Only this type of mirror equipped with a visor allows a precise aims of the flash towards the relief.

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Product no.: N051201/37894

Operates on the vibration of a plastic diaphragm, which can easily be replaced with any thin plastic film.

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