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The covers in Dralon fit over the body of the winch with a rubber band and attach to the base by a cinch.

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Product no.: N180101/18741

Lightweight, designed to fit most international sized winch star sockets. Designed to operate clockwise only.

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Product no.: N180101/26895

Crank secure bi-directional, fits all major brands of winch. Fleet both freshwater and seawater. Made of reinforced polyamide.

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Nautilus composite winches offer an alternative to classic winches in stainless or aluminum and can be used on boats up to 9m in length.

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Barton Winchers. Rubber flange, to be fitted over the top of a winch. Converts a standard winch into a self-tailing winch.

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The Lewmar self-tailing design, this winch is simple to use and provides a firm grip on the line.

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