Product no.: N060301/16887

Racing junior MK1 CL211, aluminium. Rope Ø 3 - 6 mm, length x width 82 x18 mm, weight 34 g, hole spacing 66 mm and Ø Screws 5 mm.

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Product no.: N060301/26275

Halyard 4-6 mm. Snapper keel blocks and drift maneuvers but allows a quick release automatically, if aground..

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Vertical cleats with side entry. Rope Ø 3-6mm. Mod. MK2 CL217(Starboard) y Mod. MK2 CL218 (Port). Aluminium

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Roller cleats - Aluminio. Rope Ø 3-6mm. Mod. Racing CL230  and Mod. Racing CL236. (Aluminium)

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Ideals for tensioning halyards or catamaran net. Rope Ø 3-6mm. For single handed use (Mod. CL261) and for 2 handed use (Mod. CL262).

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