MATT POLYESTER 16 (Ropes for dinghies) 16 plait Matt polyester. Ideal for general purpose sheets Soft cover provides smooth grip. 

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DYNAMIC PRO (Rope for dinghies) Braided poluester core with polyester cover. Ideal for dinghy use.

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BRAID 16. Braid on braid 16. Handles for multiple cruising yacht applications. Halyards, sheets, reef-in sheets...

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Product no.: N060301/26276

For rope 3-6 mm. Most versatile cleat : ideal for deck ropes, it is equally suitable for the mast or the boom. 

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Product no.: N070101/27515

SHOCK CORD - WHITE/BLUE. Extend the shock cord with care, if it whips back out of control it may cause serious injury.

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Product no.: N050818/10080

Bosun’s chair. This bosun’s chair is made of reinforced Nylon 210D with PVC backing, 0,35mm thick.

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Product no.: N050818/10210

The Professional Bosun’s Chair has been designed according to the highest quality standards, so that it can be used by professionals.

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Product no.: N060318/16685

Fairlead 13mm, width 41mm, height 23mm and hole spacing 30mm.

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Product no.: N060318/16686

Fairlead 17mm, width 41mm, height 23mm and hole spacing 30mm.

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