Product no.: N050101/67362

Inflatable lifejacket Pilot Junior 150 Newton category, 120 Newton buoyancy. Fully automatic inflation with a 24 g CO2 cylinder.

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Product no.: N050101/50524

Crutch strap for inflatable lifejacket

Muy recomendada: permite que el chaleco no se mueva

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Automaticl Lifejacket Sigma 170N (With & without harness). The Sigma lifejacket is an economic lifejacket.

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Lifejacket Storm, Storm Vest 150 N. Model scapular. Fastened with cord.

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Plastimo RED PILOT 150N WITH HARNESS (ISO 12402-3) For any use, from family cruising to race competición.

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CHILDREN'S LIFEJACKETS 100 NEWTONS 100 Newton category lifejacket. Self-righting capacity, keeps the child's head well out of the water.

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Product no.: N050401/62058

Emergency LED light for lifejacket. Automatic and duration of 72 hours.


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Product no.: N050118/71102

Automatic inflation Lifejackets are designed to provide the best security at the best price for everyone. 

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Product no.: N050418/72349

Extra powerful LED light. Offers lower consumption and longer life and operates automatically when it comes in contact with water.

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Product no.: N050404/B3180300
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Product no.: N050401/2263072

Flashlight for lifejacket, sailing jacket or survival suit.  2 NM range. Alkaline battery, 5-year runtime.

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