Product no.: N070601/64280

The whole Biminis of Plastimo adapts perfectly to any craft, availably with 3 arches.

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Product no.: N120129/4068

Easily removes mold and moisture stains. Suitable on all surfaces and fabrics. Biodegradable. Available in 750ml Spray and 5L

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Product no.: N120104/B6306300

Sail & canvas cleaner. 0.5 Bottle. Great for boat covers, bimini tops and sails. Biodegradable. Concetrated formula.

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Dralon Royal Blue or PVC white cockpit awnings. Features a slit for the topping-lift, with double slider zip.

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Product no.: N201001/GA1

Ideal para: toldos, velas, tiendas de campaña, tapicería, sillines, zapatos, bolsos y todo tipo de equipos deportivos.

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